Saturday, December 4, 2010

Haitian beauties

Emeline Michelle

Random model

Fabienne Colas

Anastagia Pierre

 Misty Jean

Carolyn Desert

 Haitian model

Haitian Model

Haitian  actress

Friday, December 3, 2010

Beautiful Haitian celebrities

It should be no surprise that Anastagia Pierre, this stunning Haitian beauty was Miss Florida 2009.

Emeline Michelle is a Gorgeous absolutely stunning Haitian singer. And yes she is so talented.

Fabienne Colas is an absolutely stunning Haitian actress that has appeared on multiple Haitian movies.

Misty Jean is the gorgeous Haitian singer. Her beauty is undeniable.

Alexandra Cheron is an Haitian actress. This beauty is as well talented

This Haitian beauty is absolutely stunning. She is a model.

This beauty is an Haitian model.

Garcelle Beauvais is an Haitian actress. She is undeniably beautiful.

Lutza is an Haitian supermodel and filmmaker. This beauty is undeniably stunning.

Nathalie Ambroise is an Haitian actress. The stunning beauty has appeared in many Haitian movies.

Carolyn Desert is an Haitian model. With this beauty, it is a sure thing she will conquer the modeling industry by storm.


This stunning beauty is an Haitian model.

Sarodj  Bertin. The stunning beauty was Mrs Haiti  2010

Nice Simon. The gorgeous beauty is an Haitian actress.

Fabienne Colas- the Haitian beauty

Fabienne Colas is a beautiful Haitian actress. The stunning beauty has been featured on many Haitian films, and is taking the Haitian movie world by storm.